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Proven strategies and initiatives to plan your quarter.

B2B Sales Closing Sales Strategy
For deals > $100K, how do you manage, map all the moving parts?

Hey, looking for insights from practitioners, if you use a tool that track all the moving parts of a large deal?

CRM aside, I was thinking of something that's a shared as a go between The prospect, sales and engineers.

The advantages I hope to realize:

  • Get deeper into the use-cases
  • Move away from feature requests
  • Uncover stakeholders
  • Clearly demonstrate how ...
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Career Development Mentorship Sales Stories Sales Strategy
Start defining yourself

I was fortunate to start my sales career right before college.  I actually jumped into sales out of necessity, rather than desire.   I grew up timid and struggled in just about every social interaction.  Oddly enough, I associated financial success with communication skills and that led me on my path.

My first sales career was selling Kirby vacuums door to do...

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Sales Mindset Sales Strategy Sales Training
Inside this post you will find the super duper secret ingredient to sales success.

The one all the experts make you pay for and they’re going to hate me for telling it!

Before I give you the secret sauce, I need you to understand a few things.

First, sales is not a 10,000 piece puzzle. It’s more like a children’s 10 piece puzzle.

We overcomplicate sales on a daily basis.

We pretend as though somehow it’s this thing you’ve got to get a diploma ...

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Sales Operations Sales Strategy Sales Training
The newest version of the 21 Core Sales Competencies.

I read a lot on LinkedIn about sales and sales manager hiring mistakes. For many years I avoided the "hiring" part of helping companies fix their sales - imagine that - I stuck to the sales training aspect. But sales is an ecosystem - everything affects everything. I now know how crucial - critical - it is to have hired reps who are coachable and not sabotag...

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B2B Sales Sales Operations Sales Strategy

I have two big problems with BANT for leads. First, it should be called AuNTB. The second issue is how it's implemented for SDRs.

Read more about how to track and manage leads in the sales process. https://lnkd.in/dUMU7sc

B2B Sales Sales Management Sales Strategy
Want to know something I've never lost a deal over?

Like not once?

Or ever seen/been able to point to a rep lose a deal or call over?

Filler words.

It bothers me to my absolute core when I hear leaders or managers talking about this.

"You say, like, um, cool, awesome, too much. "

It is lazy management.

Point Blank.

It distracts from the real issues at hand.

Do you know what I have lost deals or calls over?

The wrong t...

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Sales / Business Development Sales Strategy
Whenever there is a project I really want to complete...

Whenever there is a project I really want to complete, but day after day, I just keep putting it off...I know there is only one reason why.

It means I haven't broken it down into small enough pieces

It's still too unwieldy, too hard to wrap my brain around.

As soon as I decide what are the first 3 simple, easy steps, getting started becomes easy.

Building moment...

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