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Are you actually ready to get your ideal customer on a meeting?

Like for real for real ready?

Are you sure?

Last week a sales rep sent me a pretty aggressive and assumptive prospecting message, that was off base in a few ways, but instead of ignoring it I said...

"Here's your shot, don't miss" - and sent out the calendar invite.

They responded back confidently "that they have been getting ready for this for a long time, and ...

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B2B Sales Sales / Business Development Sales Training
How to take your customer reviews and flip them into your outbound sales copy?

Well, I made a video on it below, that may be a good place to start, just saying :)

Let me know what you think of this strategy in the comments!

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: https://bit.ly/3bnvquw

Cold Outreach Sales / Business Development Sales Training
If you're used to field/outside sales and you're struggling to transition to Virtual Selling, we can help.

Check out the attached whitepaper for 5 Colossal Challenges of Selling Virtually and hit-me-up if you want to chat and learn more: jdonaldson@ASLANtraining.com

Networking Sales Training
Networking Question

What's the best approach to get into sales?

Sales Mindset Sales Stories Sales Training
Whoever made up the “15 minutes of your time” ask at the end of a generic sales email can eat my shorts.

I’m sorry but whoever made up the “15 minutes of your time” ask at the end of a generic sales email can eat my shorts.

The phone pitch as well.

They both suck.

Mostly because of what happens to the brain when it sees “15 minutes” as an ask.

#1 - you stole this from Geico, we all know it. You should admit it. It’s not original to begin with.

#2 - an impactful meet...

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B2B Sales Sales / Business Development Sales Training
Communication is one of the most important attributes of a successful salesperson.

To simply assume, after you’ve spoken to a prospect, that they heard exactly what you said and why you said it is naive.

You always need to remember the rule of perception.

Your words, your requests, your tell, your truths even. All of them yours and not the prospects.

If you have ever said to yourself “that’s not what I said...”

You should rethink that.

Instead ...

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Sales / Business Development Sales Management Sales Training
You can't manage and improve results.

You can only improve the things that LEAD to results.



-- What you are doing day in and day out. The actual activities that lead to success.


-- How good are you AT those behaviors? Talent level?


-- How you apply those skills and behaviors. Tools, Techniques, Environment, and Schedules.

That's it.

So as you look to increase your revenue...

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Sales Stories Sales Strategy Sales Training
More time needs to be spent on teaching time management.


On Avg - There’s an interruption every 11 minutes, and it takes us 25 minutes to get back to our previous level of focus.

Which means we’re virtually never at our optimal focus level.

The average person gets 3 hours of productive work done per day.

Holy Sh*t.

This is what drains us!

So here are some simple “hacks” to improve focus.

(1) Wear headphones – it sen...

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Sales / Business Development Sales Stories Sales Training
Whenever a rep comes and asks for help on a deal..

I always start with the same 1st question.

"What problem did they agree they have"

This is ALWAYS where I start.

I know I drive the team nuts with it sometimes, but there is a reason I start here.

Because nothing else matters!

If the prospect has not agreed, and by agreed I mean they actually stated a problem that we solve.

And Ideally the impact of the problem, a...

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