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Mentorship Sales Training
CEO looking for mentors to help grow the company.

I am the technical solo/founder of a self-funded tech company. We have over 150+ enterprise customers. I am looking for sales mentors who can help me grow the company rapidly. How can I find such mentors? Needless to say, there can be compensation for this help.

Career Development Mentorship Sales Training
Sales coach

Looking to coach a sales rep through Bravado, but not sure where to start. Recommendation is to write a first post, so here it is.

I was laid off due to COVID-19 and am looking to coach during this period of downtime.

8 years of sales/sales management, 6 in sports & entertainment and 2 in SaaS start-ups. www.linkedin.com/in/dandropkinfrank

Would anyone in the ...

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Sales Mindset Sales Training
Do you have 5-10 years of experience?

Or do you have one year of experience repeated 5-10 times.

This. Right. Here.

I love this quote/question.

The sales industry is rampant with the 1 year experience repeated year after year type mindsets.

Reps and leaders say things like...

I know how to do this.

I have my own way.

I'm a natural.

I don't need to read/practice/review calls/etc

When I was a rep/SDR/mange...

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Sales / Business Development Sales Management Sales Training
KPI systems

When it comes to Sales Development, from my perspective, the most important conversation you can possibly have is one that centers on how you’re measuring, KPIing & comping your SDRs.

Before you talk about talk tracks, personalization at scale, competitors, playbooks, objection handling, enablement, training, buyer personas, battle cards, SPIFFs, PIPs, activi...

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B2B Sales Prospecting Sales Strategy Sales Training
Universal Principle of Influencing Others

Here's something 6 different sales trainings never bothered to teach me that would've given me a selling superpower:

Guess what the first 'universal principle' of influencing others is?


Simply put: People feel obligated to give back to others what they've received.

Got invited to a party?

Now you need to invite them back.

Colleague did you favor?

Now yo...

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Mentorship Sales Training
Looking to be someone's mentor

I'd be happy to help any new sales person, sales manager, or founder with how to build a go to market sales strategy. Anyone want me to help you out for an hour a month let me know.

Sales Management Sales Training
Best Voices and Resources for Enablement and Onboarding?

Hello All,

I'm starting a new sales enablement role in a global tech company. My main priority will be the initial onboarding and ramp time during a reps tenure.

Who are the best voices/resources I should be tapping into to learn more about building enablement programs and specifically onboarding programs with globally distributed teams?

I've been starting to...

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Cold Outreach Sales / Business Development Sales Training
Hungry to know HOW to sell & need more than just a few tricks?

When Manny Medina  was asked about Sales methodology on the Flip the Script tour, he said “Well, if it doesn’t scale, it means nothing”... And I’ll never forget it.

Things change in sales: new hooks, openers, tricks, gimmicks: ways to make your prospects feel heard, understood, ask tons of questions to make them feel warm & fuzzy..

But one thing that doesn...

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B2B Sales Sales / Business Development Sales Training
I have a rule about books.

I can't start a new one, until I did something from the last one.

That simple.

I was recently asked by a rep coming up in the game what 3 books they should read as an SDR.

So I gave them my top 3.

A few weeks went by and I got a new message.

"Hey KD! I'm almost finished with those 3, what's next?'

This is how I replied.

"Read them again, and start doing everything ...

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