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All the "how-to's" - straight from Bravado experts.

Sales / Business Development Sales Stories Sales Training
Whenever a rep comes and asks for help on a deal..

I always start with the same 1st question.

"What problem did they agree they have"

This is ALWAYS where I start.

I know I drive the team nuts with it sometimes, but there is a reason I start here.

Because nothing else matters!

If the prospect has not agreed, and by agreed I mean they actually stated a problem that we solve.

And Ideally the impact of the problem, a...

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Sales / Business Development Sales Mindset Sales Training
What kinds of questions should I expect in a final round interview for a Sales Development Representative role?

I will be on a video interview meeting with a few different people for about 2.5 hours and want to show my competitive drive, high energy, and ability to learn.

B2B Sales Sales / Business Development Sales Training
How to take your customer reviews and flip them into your outbound sales copy?

Well, I made a video on it below, that may be a good place to start, just saying :)

Let me know what you think of this strategy in the comments!

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: https://bit.ly/3bnvquw

Sales Mindset Sales Strategy Sales Training
Inside this post you will find the super duper secret ingredient to sales success.

The one all the experts make you pay for and they’re going to hate me for telling it!

Before I give you the secret sauce, I need you to understand a few things.

First, sales is not a 10,000 piece puzzle. It’s more like a children’s 10 piece puzzle.

We overcomplicate sales on a daily basis.

We pretend as though somehow it’s this thing you’ve got to get a diploma ...

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Sales Operations Sales Strategy Sales Training
The newest version of the 21 Core Sales Competencies.

I read a lot on LinkedIn about sales and sales manager hiring mistakes. For many years I avoided the "hiring" part of helping companies fix their sales - imagine that - I stuck to the sales training aspect. But sales is an ecosystem - everything affects everything. I now know how crucial - critical - it is to have hired reps who are coachable and not sabotag...

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Mentorship Sales Training
Choose your mentors carefully.

They can have a lasting impact on your choices, perspective, and life.

It's critical that they be the sort of people that you truly admire -- not just for their work, but for how they live.

- Are they always negative and complaining or do their optimism and positivity dominate?

- Do they regularly empower you and remind you that you're capable of more or do the...

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Prospecting Sales / Business Development Sales Training
You wrote some amazing sales copy... now what?

Well, you need to find some people to start prospecting and this is the area I see a lot of reps struggling with.

No need to worry, I took an actual account and found real live people, crazy I know. I even discuss why I would prospect these folks.

*Bonus* I share a few ways to "personalize" your outreach based on what I found in their profiles.

Check out the vi...

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