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Understand Yourself

Everyone is so consumed with becoming someone else instead of better understanding themself.

The issue is that most advertise and relay this action as “learning” from an expert.

The problem is that suddenly you’re walking around the office with an accent, repeating all that “experts” catchiest phrases.

“So and so would say this.”

“So and so would do that.”

But what about you? What would you say? And how would you do it?

This causes a lot of issues and not just the generic ones that come to mind right away.

Do we need teachers in our life? Yes.

Do we need continual learning? Yes.

Do we need to copy and paste from someone else’s success in order to find our own? No.

Taking a good idea that has been extremely successful for someone else, while applying your own personal twist to it, is the secret nobody wants you to know about.

Copying and pasting scripts.

Reading a talk track line for line.

Barfing up someone else’s technique.

All lead to eventual failure.

Every single one of my students at The Sales Rebellion learns the guidelines and common sense our system teaches.

Then we harness their strengths, their weaknesses, their creativity, their preferences...

...while guiding them to remain focused on their prospects.

The #1 true focus in all of this.


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