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USA vs the UK - Sales Showdown!

USA vs UK?

How is this even a question...

I'm so excited about a little digital throw down that is happening later this week.


The good ole' USA vs the UK - Sales Showdown. Join me and the squad this Thursday April 9 from 9:00-10:00am PST. Register here 👉🏾LINK


Apparently these blokes across the pond thing they can hold a cup of tea to the US when it comes to selling.

Daniel Disney, Sam Dunning, Alex Olley, Costas Perkas, and Richard Smith have been talking a lot of smack about winning

I. Don't. Bloody. Fink. So.

My squad rolls deep.

Me, Scott Leese, Morgan J Ingram, Dale Dupree, Richard Harris™, and Rob Jeppsen - are you kidding me?


The 2 teams will be going head to head, timed rounds, and Darryl Praill moderating and keeping it 'clean'.

You'll hear one team drop knowledge bombs, and another team is 'a few sandwiches short of a picnic'.

God isn't british slang fun?! I just love hearing them talk to be honest.

The best part is the questions come from you guys!

So what do you want to hear debated?

What questions do you want asked?

What do you want to learn about?

Who do you think will win?

Cast your vote below and let's see who brings home the crown!

I know where my money is...

The good ole' USA or the UK. Who's it gonna be???
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Can't wait for this one! 
Surely the UK can beat those lot from South Canada
It'd be great to have topics around how to sell remotely etc, things around tips for those managing remote based sales teams for the first time, tips for motivating them and yourself in isolation, and creative team ideas that keep a sense of unity across an organisation despite distributed teams.

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