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Use your quirks to your advantage.

Our quirks can either be a strength or a weakness. It all depends on whether you have self-awareness. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

For example: I'm a bit ... delusional 😜

I have a tendency to concoct wild plans about how we are going to elevate sales at Bravado by tearing down the system, ending quotas, changing comp plans, training all sales managers, add sales courses to college, etc. etc.

My team: "Sahil is nuts, there's no way we are actually going to do all of that. This is crazy."

But in moments like this, I'd reckon my optimism is a strength to inspire us to dream bigger.

There's the downside. πŸ˜”

I can get defocused. Think we can do everything at once: "Of course we can launch Communities and Mentorship and double headcount while running a swat team to explore 2-3 new product ideas in the lab... why not?!"

Distraction is the enemy of progress.

So in conclusion: being delusional means you have a tendency to not believe in limits. That can be a strength in certain situations; a shortcoming in others. Knowing when to lean in vs. being cautious ... that's the skill I work on.

Because here's the secret: I can never change. I can't "learn" to be "less delusional." That's robbing me of my magic.

So I gotta learn to wield the weapon.




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