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Want a fun game to mix it up right now?

Want a fun game to mix it up right now?

We did one about a month ago or so that was amazing.

Create a Meme.

We had an internal competition on who could create the most creative meme.

It could fall into 2 buckets.

Sales Team Meme - Meaning one that applied to our own team, that only we would get.

Prospect Meme - One that our prospects would get/think was funny.



The amount of creativity the team came up with was unreal.

But even more than that, it brought some joy, excitement, and laughter to a time that really wasn't feeling that way.

True LOL type moments.

There were some amazing ones in there.

I'd encourage you to try this.

Not only is it fun to do, but also prospects enjoy it too.

It breaks up the same old same old emails they are getting.

Even if you don't get the email or close the deal, the rejections are way less harsh as well.

Yes we even booked some meetings from our self created memes.

I'll be sharing some throughout the day, but even looking back at them made me smile.

If you have a good one, share it in the comments.

We could all use a laugh!

Sales is hard enough, have some fun from time to time.

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