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Welcome to the Mentorship Community! More content is on the way.

Welcome, Bravado mentors and mentees! We are thrilled to have you in the Bravado Mentorship digital community. This community is a space for you to build your network, learn about a career in sales, or both. 


Pop into the community to network with other sales professionals and access our suite of career development content sourced from premier sales training organizations. 

Here’s a preview of what you can expect in the coming weeks:


  • October 15th: Come back for a sneak peek of our Bravado Mentorship programme. We will provide guidelines that facilitate your mentoring sessions.
  • Nov 4th: You will receive an email with your mentor/mentee match and instructions on setting up your first meeting/call.
  • First week of November: Connect with your mentor/mentee for Session One!
  • Every month afterward: Set up a one-hour call with your mentor/mentee every month, and follow along with the Bravado Mentorship programme.


Most exciting of all, we will soon be releasing our exclusive Bravado Mentorship programme. Our specialty at Bravado is to gather insights from top sales professionals in our network, and so we’ve created a tasting menu of Bravado’s best advice for career development and how to start a new job with gusto.  

This advice comes in the form of six videos which will be released every month, and serves as a launchpad for mentor-mentee discussions.

We hope you are excited to really sink your teeth into our content and get started on this amazing journey. 



If you have questions or suggestions for topics you would like us to cover, feel free to post in the community! You can also network with other Bravado members and explore all of the Bravado communities/features. 


We are so excited to have you here! 



Bravado Mentorship

If you have any colleagues/friends who are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, have them sign up asap before our Fall cohort begins! Sign up link here:
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