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Want to know one of the bigger lies told about salespeople?

That salespeople are "Competitive"


Having now worked with 100s of salespeople. I know this is not true.

Here's what IS true.

Most salespeople want to WIN.

There is a HUGE difference between wanting to win and being competitive.

Being competitive is you want to beat other people, not just win.

That's what made Kobe, MJ, Bird, Brady, etc different.

They didn't want to win.

They wanted to BEAT you.

The salespeople that are actually competitive are almost always at the top of the leaderboard.


It's not the thrill of the win, it's the glory of defeating someone else.

I know I am overly competitive, it's how I knew that the Pittari assessments were accurate.

"KD may be overly competitive and find places to compete where it isn't needed"

Wanting to win isn't enough to drive most people.

It's also why a lot of contests don't actually lift performance because the competitive ones always wins.

And the other reps know it, and since they can't win, they don't even try.

I'd encourage more teams to find places for more reps to WIN vs compete.

I bet you notice a difference across the team, not just the competitive ones like me.

I know this will fire some people up. I'm ready. Come at me.

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