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Want to know the luckiest deal I ever "closed"?

8 years ago today.

Jessica Dorsey said 'I do' and became my wife and has yet to churn.

So in honor of that

Here are some relationship tips that also apply to sales.

1. Put the other person/prospect first, but don't neglect yourself.

2. Do everything with intention.

3. Be prepared for rejection.

4. There are going to slumps.

5. Read books. A natural 'husband/salesperson' doesn't exist.

6. Proactively nurture the relationship to avoid churn. Don't wait til something goes wrong.

7. Passion is a choice. Read the Art of Seduction.

8. 100% Intention means more than 50% attention.

9. Do proper discovery. Know what matters to THEM.

10. Keep updating the software - aka if you're the same now as you were X years ago, that new shiny operating system could steal yo girl.

11. Never stop selling.

12. Intentionally have fun, it's a long ride.

13. WOW moments out of nowhere mean more than big gifts/discounts.

14. If they don't love you at your MVP they won't love you at your Unicorn.

15. Put the toilet seat down and pick up your socks.

16. Small things compound - both good and bad.

If I missed any other laws of sales and relationships, let me know!

With all the negativity, I thought I'd spread some joy.

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