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Want to know what makes sales and leadership so hard?


Because people are crazy.

None crazier than the seller and the leader.

You have to be quite the nut to get into sales.

Yes, the money is good, but damn everything else?!

It literally is the thing of nightmares for most people.

Rejection, uncertainty, pressure, no hiding, long hours, the works.

Be proud ya crazy sales people, be proud!

But we have to remember, that we sell to crazy PEOPLE.

All people are pretty crazy when you think about it.

People are not logical.

People make really bad decisions, often time proactively.

People are emotional and do things irrationally..

People have hopes and dreams.

People have fears and egos.

But here's the fun part.

Even crazy has patterns, and if you can learn patterns, you can succeed.

But even us crazy people have patterns.

Most want to feel secure.

Most want to feel happy.

Most want to look good.

Most want to feel wanted.

Most want to succeed.

If you recognize and understand these patterns your success as a leader and a salesperson will amplify immensely.

Embrace the crazy.

Sell the crazy.


Spot on. I ask every person wanting to be a first-time manager what’s the hardest part of the job and they have all kinds of responses. No one ever says people. 
It’s people. 
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