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Watch Morgan Ingram eat 1.5M Scoville hot wings!

Dooly just launched a spicy new series!

TLDR? Top sales leaders answer Q&A while they eat the world’s spiciest hot sauces including Da Bomb Beyond Insanity.

Join us for the kickoff episode streaming LIVE on LinkedIn this Friday @ 5 pm EST ft. Morgan Ingram, Larry Long Jr, James Bawden, and Calvin Patterson IV hosted by Daniel Disney and The Daily Sales:

Sign up @

👆 Get a sneak peek at Morgan's fiery pain eating 1.5 million Scoville wings (he did NOT have a good time haha)

See you Fri!

Mark at Dooly


P.S. We have 70+ HOT episodes coming up with Richard Harris, Amy Volas, Nikki Ivey, Dale Dupree, and many more...

Mark P. Jung
Head of Marketing at Dooly
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