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Ways to have more fun at work?

Let's be real. Sending dozens of cold emails every day feels like shouting into the void. "Oh god I hope they respond", you whisper into your 3rd cup of mediocre coffee. And hopefully my boss isn't reading this, but sometimes... it get's boring!

I'm curious to hear some fun games you all have come up with to make sending emails/taking calls more entertaining. Something we recently have started doing is trying to naturally work Guy Fieri into our phone conversations (Weirdly I think it's made calls more memorable and loosens up the tension of "being sold to").

Anything that's made work more fun for you and also helps with your productivity?

Katy Huff
Sales at The Hustle
Daniel Behar
Account Executive at Justworks
I'm a big fan of doodling on a pad while going through calls / emails, and I'm a huge fan of the 'infinity cube' fidget toy thing - although colleagues inevitably end up walking away with it. i literally have to put it away in my desk drawer when i leave or it will disappear. See more
Sahil Mansuri
CEO at Bravado
This is THE funniest post in the history of Bravado communities katy huff . We used to do something similar at Meltwater, where we'd try to quote a minimum of 5 direct quotes from American Psycho into each demo. The record was 11 in a 45 minute call, which ended with the rep saying "Sorry I gotta run, I've got lunch with Cliff Huxtable at the Four ... See more
Sam Schooley
SDR Consultant at Vendition
Omg.  I can't right now.  Please say that's recorded on Gong/Chorus
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