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We failed.

We had great intentions, but we didn't do the work and we came up short. Big time.

When Ashleigh Early and I started Other Side of Sales, we had these beautiful visions of sharing a truly diverse set of sales voices.

That gorgeous rainbow of voices that we longed to hear and noticed time and again was missing from sales thought leadership.

But the last two weeks have forced us to reckon with the knowledge that we failed.

We haven't been as diligent and committed as we intended to be, but now that we're aware -- and dealing with the shame of doing the very same thing we were railing against -- we're on a mission to improve.

So for the foreseeable future we're only going to be featuring stories of black sales professionals.

No solo episodes for the foreseeable future. And no white folks either.

We've kicked things off with the amazing Kira Hills of Factor 8 who made it CLEAR why every sales leader should be doing all they can to make sure their employees feel safe and seen.

We have a few more incredible interviews lined up, but we would love your suggestions for other black sales professionals that we should be interviewing.

Share their profiles in the comments.

And check out Kira's amazing, vulnerable, and powerful interview HERE:

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