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"We fired all the lazy, poor performers"

Yikes 😬

I'd asked the question, as I had every time I interviewed for a sales role: Why aren't reps hitting quota and what action are you taking as a leader to address it?

The guy leading the interview immediately became defensive and delivered the above response without hesitation or irony.

This was a red flag.

This is a culture problem in the sales profession and reps, namely SDRs, are paying the price.

I fell for it. I took the job thinking that as long as I wasn't one of the " lazy, poor performers" I'd be fine.


I struggled.

I beat my head against a wall and internalized the idea that if I wasn't succeeding here, it must mean I'm not working hard enough.

My confidence was shot and I ultimately left the role with no real understanding of what I could have done differently.

This has to stop.

I'm on a mission to stop it.


By arming XDRs with information and building a community that empowers them to have agency over their coaching and their careers.

XDRs and XDR leaders : What can we do today to advance this cause?





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