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Welcome, let's get introduced! 

Hello everyone and welcome to the Surf and Sales Summit Alumni community


You all know me already having attended a Surf and Sales event, but in case you forgot who I am, my name is Scott Leese, and I am the CEO/Founder of and the owner of Scott Leese Consulting. 


It’s pretty awesome that this wild idea I had while surfing in Costa Rica with my partner Richard Harris has turned into one of if not the foremost micro-conference sales experiences out there. Our idea has turned into an alumni community of nearly 50 members globally, and I’m thrilled to get the chance to help mold the future of sales with you. 


Since many of you haven’t met before, I’d love to give everybody the opportunity to increase their reach and give and get more help on whatever projects and goals you are currently working on. Everyone here has attended at least one [and in some cases more] Surf and Sales event, and I’d love hear your thoughts on what topics you’d like to see covered here to better gear our content to what you’d like to see and how we can best support each other. 


If you’d comment on this thread with a quick “Hi, my name is _____, this is where I work, and here’s what I’d like to hear more about in the Sales/Sales Dev world that would make my job easier”; I think that would be a good way to kick-start this community.


Looking forward to hearing from everyone and being on this journey together. Let each other know what you can help with and what you need help on.

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