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Welcome to The Outbounders Community! Let's get introduced :)

We are Henry Gimelfarb and Shaina Murugan, founding members of The Outbounders. (Also, Henry is the VP of Sales, and Shaina is the SDR Manager at Plate IQ). The mission of the group is to connect SDRs/BDRs with sales leaders and provide them the resources and mentorship to succeed in their sales careers. We feel that Closers get all the glory and recognition, but SDRs have one of the hardest roles in the industry. Therefore, we bring you The Outbounders.

This group was formed in NYC, where we host monthly events. These events take place at different companies here in NYC and vary from panel discussions, mixers, or other activities that incorporate skill and team building. Through our network and now extending community, we would like to continue to grow in NYC and eventually start different chapters in cities across the country. Please reach out if you’re interested.

Additionally, we want you all to be part of the conversation. Since we aren’t all friends yet, please post your questions, comments, advice, or anything you can think of to start the discussion on our bonded role of all being "outbounders" in the sales community.

Thank you!

Shaina & Henry

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