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Welcome UWS Members!

So excited to build a home for your incredible community here on Bravado!

There are 3 main features for this community platform:

  1. Q&A / Discussion: Ask questions + engage in discussion with the UWS community. This is your place to collaborate, network, learn, and even sell together!
  2. Content Library: Share documents, files, videos, podcasts, article and more! These will all be easily searchable and shared with the UWS Community within the library.
  3. Events: As UWS Events are announced, they will be shared here with the community. You'll be able to quickly RSVP / purchase tickets from an event page that the UWS admins will post!

On top of that, there are plenty of other programs on Bravado for you to explore. From building your customer portfolio, increasing your credibility score, and giving back via Mentorship, we hope to serve the sales profession with a delightful experience.

I'm so honored to host the UWS Community here, and am available at anytime for questions/concerns. Email me directly: if there's anything we can do to make your experience better.

Welcome home,


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