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What are best practices for cold outreach during the holidays? 

I'm curious to hear people's thoughts and experiences with cold calls, emails, etc. around the holidays. Obviously the Thursday and Friday of Thanksgivng week are a wash, but what about Tuesday and Wednesday? Any similar insights for Christmas/New Years would be appreciated, too!

Natasha Sullivan
Sales Development Representative at Bridge US
Simon Polakoff
Sr. SDR at demandDrive
You should just go about your regular and email. Most of your colleagues won’t be calling M-T-W. It’s a good time to get people live as their just sitting around waiting for vacation. 
Sam Schooley
SDR Consultant at Vendition
100% echo what Simon said.  Obviously don't call on the holiday itself, but continue your sales motions for the days leading up/following.  

What's important to track are OOO replies (make sure to reschedule outreach for them/pause current sequences until they're back).  But, what's great about this period is that if someone is working.... they're p...
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