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What are some of your Sales Fails?!

Sales Fails.

We all have them.

Here are some of my top fails.

-- Almost got arrested while trying to get into a school to get a principal to sign a contract.

-- Added an extra zero to a $1.2M order, turning it into a $12M order, almost lost the whole thing and didn't know why.

-- Similarly forgot a comma in a larger order, and was shocked when they signed so fast!

-- Just straight up forget to enter a sale into SFDC.

-- Sent a contract out, legal redline it all up, I accepted all changes, sent it back and THEY REDLINED THEIR OWN DAMN AGREEMENT and sent it back with more changes.

-- Spilled coffee all over myself and the prospect, and their computer, and my computer.

-- Called a prospect the wrong name for an entire 1-hour presentation.

-- Drove to the wrong office building and sat in the waiting room for the wrong Steve

-- Sent a contract to the wrong company/prospect, someone I'd never met with before.

-- Leaving my laptop behind at a prospect's office, and not realizing it until I was at my next prospect's office...

These are just some of the ones of the top of my head.

We've all got em.

Don't be shy. You gotta laugh at yourself sometimes!

What are some of your Sales Fails?!

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