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What can we learn from Taylor Swift?

I was watching a Taylor Swift documentary this weekend & something she said stunned me.

After her agent let her know that she wasn’t going to win a Grammy for her Reputation album, she said: “I have to make a better album. I just have to make a better album - That’s just what I have to do.”

No crying. No blaming the judges. No self-loathing or saying everything was rigged.

She had raw accountability.

Accountability that from her view, she didn’t win because the album wasn’t good enough & that she respected herself enough to strive to do better.

Accountability is an extremely powerful quality: Accountability for your failures. Accountability for your success: Taking the responsibility of your life into your own hands..

And choosing to focus on the things that you CAN control, over the ones you can’t - knowing that you can make it happen regardless of what someone does OR doesn’t give you.

Things are tough right now, no getting around it. But in a reckless world, there still are so many things in our control.

Pick up that phone, work that extra hour, go that extra mile, strive to do that “right thing”, even when the wrong one feels so much easier in the moment.

And don't forget: This is a T-Swift world, and we're all LUCKY just to be living in it :)

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