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What did 13 tech + B2B founders all have in common?

Last week I interviewed 13 tech + B2B founders struggling to build authentic personal brands that positively impact their company growth.

Want to know what they ALL had in common?

They all had winding career paths and multiple passions that they worried didn't fit together in a neat enough package.

I'd call them polymaths - or just really interesting and compelling humans.

And yet, they'd convinced themselves that this quality of being interested in many things somehow made them harder to take seriously.

I get it.

My winding journey from sales to event marketing to demand generation to growth strategy and consulting used to make me insecure.

Throw in my obsession with physical fitness, health, and mindset, and I just felt like a bundle of contradictions.

But I've learned that my uniqueness is my strength.

The things I've learned and the triumphs I've overcome make me better at my work.

And I'd bet good money yours do too.

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