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What do I believe in?

You asked and so I thought I’d share a few pieces that make my foundation.

1. Either commit 110% or run away – there is no middle ground

2. Your word is bond – deliver on your promises

3. Empathy and authenticity are required

4. Treat a human like a human – do I need to explain this one?

5. Be humble enough to admit your faults and confident enough to keep going when others pray for your downfall

6. Those moments when you’re tempted to give up are the defining moments of your life – do the work

7. Always choose the harder path – you’ll be rewarded in the long term

8. You’ll be alone with your thoughts often – get comfortable being alone, the path towards greatness is a lonely one

9. Daily consistency and execution are the keys to turning dreams into realty

10. Fear will try to stop you – if it scares you run at it like a bull in a china shop

11. The stories you tell yourself define your world – perception is reality, be extremely careful with your internal stories

Which one resonates the most with you and why?

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