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What do you have to prove?

I’ve told people I have a lot to prove, not to you, but to myself. I have set these lifelong goals and they aren’t easy on purpose (see my About section).

These goals require me to prove to myself I can accomplish them in order to say I lived a life worth living.

For the life of me, I can’t agree with those who say they have nothing to prove.

What that feels like, is fear has a strong grip on you and you’re worried about failing, scared to be judged by others, and don’t want to start at the “bottom.”

I’ve failed my way to where I am today and I don’t call where I am today a “success.”

Literally, I’m just getting started and each day I have something to prove to myself, can I live up to my full potential?

Some days I absolutely fail and that is when I’m disgusted with myself because I know I can do and have done better. Other days, I absolutely crush it and feel satisfied that I truly gave it my all.

What I’m learning about the value of life is that when we truly apply ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually every day, we have a sense of accomplishment that nothing can touch.

Which means, each day you have something to prove, can you reach that feeling at a minimum?

What are your thoughts?

I want to acknowledge you Chris for your vulnerability in this post. There's a lot here and I share my thoughts and reactions. I feel encouraged that we're here for a purpose and to do our very best every day to honour and live that purpose. I'm feeling burdened that we have to prove something to ourselves everyday. I'm feeling discouraged that man... See more
I'm with you George, given the times, there are a lot of things bubbling up that we are not aware of until we break. 

Especially in sales, it does feel like you have to prove a lot. If you can't make your quota then you're a failure. That's what I used to believe. 

Looking internally, we can be even harder on ourselves. 

What I've realized is that we ...
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