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What Impact Are You Making on a Daily Basis?

Every single day, we have an important choice to make while on this earth. It revolves around our motives, our actions, our choices.

...and it’s all about impact.

Who and what will you impact today?

This is a long game strategy as well. Because most of the time, impact is not instant.

It takes patience.

It takes passion.

It takes perseverance.

And it’s all on you.

It’s about the role you play day in and day out for your community. No matter how large or how small, your community is important to your walk.

Remember also that we add new people to that community all the time as we progress down the path of destiny. New opportunities for impact inside each season of life.

Your focus should also remain steady, even in the midst of adversity and defeat.

Remember, failure is merely a tool for us to learn and grow.

It is also a tool for us to teach others as well.

Learning from experience doesn’t mean you have to actually live that failure. That’s what community is all about. A two way street of support during the difficult times.

To all my salespeople out there!

What impact are you making on a daily basis? What will your legacy leave behind for the next generation?

Challenge yourself daily, don’t take the shortcuts, and choose to be legendary.

#ChangeTheGame #B2B

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