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What makes you better at your job?

What's something in your life that has nothing to do with work, but makes you better at your job?

I asked this question on twitter and the answers astounded and inspired me.

I'll start...lately, for me, it's my Peloton Interactive.

Before I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease, I was a powerlifter.

I was in the gym 5-6x/week and I loved the zen feeling of cold iron in my hands or on my back.

Of falling in love with the process and sticking to it.

Of seeing progress. Of marveling at my own strength.

Because of my health, I can't do the same kind of exercise, but getting on that bike, blaring those tunes, and pedaling my heart out gets pretty damn close.

How about you?

Share in the comments and let's all learn and grow together.

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