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What IS working?

You need to ask this question more often.

It is so easy as a leader or an overachiever to constantly ask...

What's going wrong or what's broken.

Especially in times like now when things are tough.

But oftentimes you can get just as big of a lift by recognizing what is going well and finding ways to do more of it.

Very rarely is there not an example of SOMEONE getting the results you want in a certain area.

Where are you seeing the results you want?

Are there ANY positive outliers?

That can be in any key metric you track, it all come down to behavior.

Close Rates


Sales Cycle

Pipeline Generated

Stick Rate


If you observe and listen to the ones that are succeeding and pick up the pattern.

Then you can now build a process and system around teaching it.

Can you perfectly replicate your best?


Can you figure out what your best do, document it, and teach it.


But only if you ask the right question and truly pick up on the patterns.

So remember to ask "What IS working" just as much as you ask "What's broken"

Scaling Greatness - We go through that exercise once a quarter. Find what is working, let's figure out why.

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