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What makes for a good discovery conversation?

Don't just ask more questions...

Ask BETTER questions. If every piece of your discovery points to another step in your pitch... you're not curious enough.

Create layers through follow up questions. Stop yourself from jumping on value right away and dive deeper. Make sure you really understand your prospects process, business initiatives, and challenges.

BUT also don't be interrogational. Especially for sr. level contacts, question fatigue is very real. Instead of constantly pitching value, try providing industry insights to keep things conversational.

And most importantly, actually care about your customer and let that guide your passion to help. As always, it's about building longterm relationships.

Richard Houck
Enterprise Account Executive at Snapwire
Jay Sharma
SDR at Credly
Open ended open ended open ended. 
Destinee Ray
Financial Advisor at Greenleaf Marketing & Financial
I find that asking lifestyle questions are only what builds rapport. People get to trust you but that’s not the thing that makes them BUY NOW. 

Recognizing that they may have a fear of change and loss of what They have already vs missing out and helping them ease off that ledge is what really does it and that may look different for each person.

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