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What makes you a good salesperson?

“I run my own demos” 👨‍💻


Run meetings. Not demos.

Sure, it’s ok to do a brief walk through of the tech at the end of a meeting to tee up a deeper dive demo as a next step...

but top reps have their SEs run demos so they can:

- Read the room, body language, etc

- Add color/stories to drive home a point

- Take better notes

- Listen to openings to circle back to

I also see reps allow their SE to run the demo AND the meeting. Not good either.

Letting your SE run the demo doesn’t give

you a pass to stay quiet while you sip coffee and sport the European leg cross.

That’s a great way to lose credibility with your buyer and have them lose interest during the demo.

Stay involved.

Add insight.

Ask good questions.

Keep the convo on track.

Help buyers understand how the feature they’re seeing helps solve their problem.

Turn feature/functionality into stories.

You can still run the meeting without running the demo.



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