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what's in a name?

Hi All!

We have an announcement we want to share. Henry and I are always continually learning as we try to grow this group. It has been such a joy to meet so many enthusiastic people that are excited to collaborate with us. We are extremely grateful for all the kind words and support you have shown us.

The vision Henry and I have for this group is to be a resource for those in outbound sales. We look to include all in sales community.

Unfortunately, we have learned that not everyone has an inclusive view. Moving forward, we will be called The Outbounders. In full transparency, we tried trademarking the name, Openers. Turns out, it is too common of a term is sales. And funny story, people will come out of nowhere to sue you claiming “prior use” even if they are not doing anything of relevance with the name.

We know that if others are threatened, we must be doing something right. Most importantly, Henry reminded me that the success of this group isn’t dependent upon the name, but us. Not Henry and I, but all of us in this group who are passionate about sales and know there is room for all those that work hard at the top.

Thank you all for being a part of The Outbounders. We hope you are healthy and staying safe during this time. We're in this together!

Shaina & Henry

Shaina Murugan
Founder at The Outbounders
Katherine Buck
Head of Growth at Bravado
YES Shaina Murugan! So excited for what you have in store <3 
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