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What’s the point of trying to force your product onto a prospect/company?


Why are salespeople so gung-ho about calling their prospect list, leading with a forceful attitude that demands instead of understands.

It’s disrespectful, it’s arrogant, it’s total sh*t quality from salespeople.

As if somehow telling someone that you’re “not going away no matter how many times I’ve gotta throw this crappy pitch at you because I deserve to be your vendor” is somehow a winning formula for successful sales transactions...?

Am I crazy?

Why do we glorify the Hollywood portrayal of the sales vertical so much? Why are people literally mirroring these ridiculous tactics?

I talked to a rep recently, they’re new in the sales game.

They asked their boss to help them get past a gatekeeper.

Took the bosses recommendation and gave it a shot.

Got told, by the prospect; “I don’t like this at all and I see exactly what you’re trying to pull here, do not call us again.”

Rep felt dirty and embarrassed once they realized moreover what they were actually doing to the prospect...THE HUMAN, on the other side of the phone.

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard this story.

Let’s start a Sales Rebellion that focuses on meaningful connections and impact.

Let's #ChangeTheGame

#Sales #B2B

Dale Dupree
Founder at The Sales Rebellion
Lance Carroll
Director of Business Development at Patagonia Health EHR Billing and Practice Management Software
Well said
13 days ago
National Account Manager at Fitness On Demand
Very thankful for some of my first managers. Quality people who held me accountable. Thanks for sharing.
6 days ago
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