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When did giving someone the benefit of the doubt stop being a thing?

I just have to say as I'm catching up on emails, msgs, etc

That I am actually SHOCKED at some of the negativity in there when someone doesn't/didn't get a response.

Like holy shi*t ya'll.

My dog died, I have a job, and a family that I was trying to manage through it all.

But because I didn't get back to you for advice, or for the thing YOU wanted, on the timeline YOU wanted me to.. you make a mean post, or send a mean message or make personal attacks?

Look, I get it, you're always going to have 'haters', especially the more visual and vocal you are, it comes with the territory.

But for real ya'll.

Take a pause.

Take a breath.

Slow down.

Understand that people you're reaching out to are people, with emotions, lives, ups and downs they may be dealing with.

Give them the benefit of the doubt.

ESPECIALLY if you are just starting/trying to build a relationship. Be patient.

Check-in before you make attacks.

Not only will you live a better life, but you'll help those around you live better lives too.

Also, since when are people OWED advice? Advice, tips, help etc. are great to receive, but no one is required to answer every ask. 
This is what people to to prospects by the way. The best pitch in the world doesn't stand a chance to bad timing.

Salesman: hello, we have the best highly most innovated rated recognized blah blah
Kevin: my dog died
Salesman: but have you heard about our new...
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