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Hungry to know HOW to sell & need more than just a few tricks?

When Manny Medina  was asked about Sales methodology on the Flip the Script tour, he said “Well, if it doesn’t scale, it means nothing”... And I’ll never forget it.

Things change in sales: new hooks, openers, tricks, gimmicks: ways to make your prospects feel heard, understood, ask tons of questions to make them feel warm & fuzzy..

But one thing that doesn’t change is that Reps are hungry to know HOW to sell & need more than just a few tricks.

As a sales trainer, copywriter & above all student of the craft.. I believe that we owe you more.

More than a few lines, gimmicks, and inspirational quotes that you make you dial a little harder that afternoon & forget an hour later.

We owe you a system. A system that's modern, repeatable, predictable, omni-channel, allows you to be agile yet structured, on & off script at the exact same time, be human but not a pushover, based in 2020: that works, gets you the conversations you want, results you need... And to top it all off, scales.

I’ll never pretend to have all the answers, or even the best one in the room.. But I do have an idea.

If you’re down to hear that idea, join me + Jason Bay  Thursday @ 12 for “So You Have All These Sales Tricks... Now What?” (link below)

I mean it’s Free after all.. What’s the worst that can happen? :)

Link to register:

Becc Holland
Head of Sales Development at
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