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Whenever a rep comes and asks for help on a deal..

I always start with the same 1st question.

"What problem did they agree they have"

This is ALWAYS where I start.

I know I drive the team nuts with it sometimes, but there is a reason I start here.

Because nothing else matters!

If the prospect has not agreed, and by agreed I mean they actually stated a problem that we solve.

And Ideally the impact of the problem, and the impact of solving it.

None of the other stuff is going to matter.

Your follow up will be weak.

Your sales cycle will be longer.

Your odds of closing are lower.

If you don't have that very crucial piece of information.

At least 70% of the time, when someone is struggling to bring something across it's because the missed this.

Many reps will confuse 'agreeing they have a problem' with 'I know all/told them all their problems'

That's not the same.

THEY have to be the ones to say something is broken, not ideal, slow, running poorly, etc.

This is all done thru great questions.

So if you have any opps in your pipeline right now, that the prospect didn't agree to a problem.

You better go get it.

More problems can really mean more money.  RIP BIG.  
20 days ago
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