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Which tech company has the most elite sales reps and general sales org?

This is of course highly subjective, but I have wondered recently who has the best of the best reps and overall sales org. I have heard whispers recently that while it was once Google, as of now, Netflix has the highest (software) engineering standards. So who is it for sales? To set some parameters, I personally would evaluate on:

  1. Org sells an awesome product that is industry leading.
  2. Sales org has high operational efficiency (process works, reps are supported, company has seen continuous high growth, quota attainment is feasible, etc).
  3. Culture is awesome (incredibly subjective)
  4. Reps are intelligent, polished, creative, understand tech, and generally excellence is expected.
  5. Reps understand the sales process to a very high degree and would be considered "elite" by any standards.

To use an analogy: Which org is the New England Patriots, and which has the 2017 Golden State Warriors roster as its sales reps?

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