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Who am I? What am I doing here? 🤗


Hello Everyone,

I am Chetan Borkar based out of Mumbai, India. I head the Inside Sales Team here at CleverTap. And our mission is to help mobile apps retain their customers for life. I was invite to join Bravado by Bilal. (Thank You). This is an amazing forum with lots of quality inputs all around. There are some amazing people out here with a lot of valuable experience and I am sure lot more would join. Bravado is becoming an addiction in a good way. Till date I have been eager to learn more about value based selling, mapping the buyers journey and process, for different companies and products. Would love to here from everyone around these topics. I hope everyone will share their experience and soon we’ll have some great conversation and learn from global experience out here. Feel free to tag me in these discussions. Till then keep hustling!

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