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Why are we so bad at separating luck and skill?

Why are we so uncomfortable knowing that results can be beyond our control?

We fall victim to this all the time in sales and business.

We tie the quality of the decision directly to the result, but this is wrong.

The fallacy of 'resulting'

Salespeople ESPECIALLY fall victim to this.

Only paying attention to the result but not the behavior.

You can give an AMAZING demo - and not close the deal.

You can also give a HORRIBLE demo - and the deal still closes because the prospect sold themselves.

You can do everything right on a cold call - still get hung up on.

You can call a 3%er, be bad, and still book the meeting.

You can be a great leader and the team not hit goals.

You can be an awful leader and team blows it out of the water.

There is a lot we can't control in sales, which is why I try to focus so much on the behaviors we can.

That's why scorecards, the "Did I" Checklist, and behavior-based management are the core of what I do.

If they behaviors are there, then the results will be too.

But I can't stand results without behaviors. It's misguided.

Avoid 'resulting' at all costs.

This PSA (Public Sales Announcement) is brought to you by 'Thinking in Bets' by Annie Duke - Amazing book, grab it today.

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