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Why aren't there more guarantees in B2B SaaS contracts?

I actually get a chuckle out of this when I think about it.

Begin Scene --

Sales Rep: This product is groundbreaking, innovative, and disruptive.

It has helped X, Y, Z companies see a 200% increase in EVERYTHING!

Buyer: Can you guarantee it will work for me?

Sales Rep: Well see every business is different...

Buyer: But you said it would work for me..

Sales Rep: Oh it will!

Buyer: So can we write in the contract that it will?

Sales Rep: No, no we can't do that...

Buyer: Please? I'm about to invest a lot of money, I'd like some assurance.

Sales Rep: Nope sir ree bob, can't do that for ya. But I CAN sell you our white-glove success...

End Scene --

This can help both sides.

I think it would help keep CS focused on customer results.

If the customer wants a guarantee, then the business can ask for a guarantee of usage/compliance/behavior or the price doubles.

You agree to reasonable guarantees, with a timeline, and work towards it together.

This also helps you better understand what the customer's actual expectations are.

It also makes buying/changing easier because of the risk removal, so close rates should go up.

I don't know.

I think more and more buyers are going to demand it.

We. Shall. See.

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