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Do you offer 7 day or 14-day free trials?

Does your team receive requests from leads to extend their trial?

Do you say no?

I've always been on the fence when it comes to this topic but here's something that I learned that can help answer this question.

If your product is really valuable and serves a purpose to clients then extending a trial for 7 days won't hurt anyone. It shows the customer that you actually empathize with whatever reason they had for not being able to test the software in the first place.

Trust me, if you have a good product and a good sales team behind it, extending a free trial can actually do some good.

Quick tip to brink back ghosted leads: sending an email out to leads that their trial expired letting them know you've given then a courtesy extension of 14-30 days can reel them back.

Hey Mor, Jake Dunlap and I did a session on this topic a while back. You should only offer free trials with clear expectations around what success looks like. Once you have alignment there, it’s easy to decide whether to extend or not. Just focus on the KPIs and ensure they are moving toward the goal. 
I think if you're dealing with high volume/transnational deals then that approach could possibly slow things down.
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