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Why you need to be asking for client testimonials

In this episode of #SecretToSales Topher and I chat about why every sales professional needs to be asking for client testimonials. 


Topher (intro): My name is Topher Benderson. I've come all the way from Barracuda, New Mexico on the search to find the "#SecretToSales." #SecretToSales. You know who I am. I'm Topher Benderson reporting live from Planet Earth. I'm from Barracuda, New Mexico and here we are with Katherine Buck, a.k.a. Bucksta Rhymes, a.k.a. Buck Truck. You had some experience as a sales rep, is that right?

Katherine: That's right.

Topher: Would you mind sharing a little bit about that with us?

Katherine: So I used to sell advertising. I sold media placements and social media, so Twitter. I worked in influencer marketing.

Topher: And you had to work with clients during this time, right?

Katherine: Yeah, clients all the time. All clients all the time. Yeah, it's a people business. I mean whether you're selling media or software or content or clothes, you're always dealing with clients and people on a regular basis.

Topher: Why are client testimonials so important in sales?

Katherine: Client testimonials are the number one tool in a salesperson's arsenal because you need to have third-party verification for your expertise, your integrity. Testimonials are especially important today because it's a really crowded space out there.

There are dozens of influencer marketing platforms, for example. So, it's really difficult for salespeople to provide anything more than incremental value, right? And so if they're just coming at you with a cold email about a product, it could be really hard for a potential buyer to differentiate your email versus somebody else's, so client testimonials really give you a leg up as a salesperson.

And people get really freaked out about asking for testimonials, and I want people to know that it's so easy to get a testimonial. People want to help you out. I want to remind salespeople that if your clients didn't trust you, you would have gotten out of the game a long time ago because if people don't trust you, you're not going to sell anything.

So, the ball is in your court, you have leverage, you have trust and momentum on your side to say to people, "Hey, can you just write me a few lines just saying why you enjoyed working with me?" That's so easy. I mean think about if you were on the receiving end of that request, right, you'll say, "Yes, of course, I trust you, Topher. I'm absolutely going to recommend you." And so, if you just put yourself in the shoes of the buyer - how would I feel if I receive this request? - it makes it really easy to just hit that send button and say, "Yo, can I have a little bit of feedback?"

Katherine Buck
Head of Growth at Bravado
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