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Why your goals even matter... Do They?

This is the time of the year many people are working on their goals.

When you are writing down your goals, which you better be doing by the way.

You also have to write this down.


I challenge you to answer all these questions for your goals. It will make them so much stronger.

Why do you want accomplish it?

What will the accomplishment of this goal donor give you?

How will I feel when I make this goal a reality?

How will pursuing this goal make you better or stronger?

How will it require you to grow?

When you get this result, what will you be able to do then? What doors will it open for you?

Write down the answers to THESE questions and then read them every day.

I promise you that you will have a higher chance of success if you do.

Happy Goal Setting!

I love this! The more specific you are about your goals in life, the more likely you are to attain them. 
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