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Will Salespeople be Automated!? - #SecretToSales

The robots are all around us. Are they coming for our jobs? How do we prepare!?

The sales profession is in the midst of a major shift. Functions that were once the domain of human sales professionals are poised to be transformed, absorbed, or maybe even obliterated.

The cogs and gears of autobots and roombas are changing the way sales organizations function. I for one, never feel safe using a vending machine. However, many brave salespeople are finding ways to coexist with these mechanical beasts. Their prediction algorithm wizardry has the potential to take out the guesswork and put sales reps on a fast track to closing more deals.

How do you see AI affecting the future of sales?Would you share a desk with a robot?

Topher Benderson
Freelance SDR at Self-Employed
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