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Women Who Win- Episode 4

April is here and so is our FIRST PODCAST OF THE MONTH! 

 In Today’s world, virtual content is more important than ever! With all of the recent changes, UWS wants to be a constant source of information, training & light. We’re excited to announce our podcast will now be moving to a WEEKLY Thursday release!! 

This week join our guest,  
Carolynn Morris, as she explains the 3 pillars of connection- communication, trust, and leaning in with an eye of curiosity. You’ll walk away from this episode with: 

 ⭐️ An increased awareness of communication in all of your relationships
 ⭐️ Ability to apply her tips immediately 

Join our hosts 
Gwen Coleman, MS & Taylor Rudy as they chat with Carolyn and run through some role-playing of real-life work encounters. 

 Continue to check back every Thursday for the latest episode!
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