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Women Who Win- The Light Within with Julia Deaver

Listen as our special cohost, Andrea Swenson, joins Gwen Coleman to bring you Julia Deaver’s incredible story. Julia’s involved with Silicon Slopes, she is an event coordinator for eBay International Women’s Day, and was the liaison for The Younique Foundation Charity at the recent #GetHired Summit.

Undergoing immense challenges from a young age, Julia easily could’ve sat back and waited for someone to heal her. Instead, she asked how she could empower herself and use the light within her to fuel her engine.

“It doesn’t serve me to ask why, or to dwell on the past. But instead, shifting to your forward momentum and using your experiences to connect with other women.”

Learn how every skill you’ve been perfecting outside of the office for years directly impacts your potential career. Julia can help you build the confidence to understand you do deserve a seat at the table.

If you’d like to connect with Julia Deaver further you can find her on LinkedIn. Keep an eye out for her future events!

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