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Work from home, a true test to who really wants it!

All too often, I read the posts about how remote work is going to be a reality in the future and much more common than it is right now. Some have even said that it could become the norm although for sales, I think that is more on the extreme end.

To me, I feel like remote work is a true testament to who really wants to succeed in sales and who would need external motivation. I think that all too often in the comfort of our homes and away from the prying eyes of our coworkers (and even leadership), it is all too easy to get distracted.

I have actually found benefits in the situation as insane as it may sound to some:

  • Time spent commuting is spent setting up my day for success
  • I feel like I can be myself more on the phones and feel less confined compared to an office space with many others listening (that could just be a me issue though)
  • I can take more nice walks outside to clear my head during lunch (hard to do in high rises in NYC without burning a ton of time)
  • Time spent commuting back could be spent on making more calls to west coast prospects!
  • I have even more appreciation for team meetings when I do get to see the faces of my teammates (we have an awesome SDR team full of good hardworking people)
  • I feel like work is a part of my life instead of the two being separate which makes it feel intertwined

To some, remote work is a roadblock and a motivation killer but I do think that for those who want it badly enough, there are a lot of benefits to be found.

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