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Working from home

Are you working from home for the first time? Here are my top 5 tips:

When I made the switch to working from home 10+ years ago it was SO hard!! I hope sharing my thoughts helps as many of you are going through this now.

1- Get up at the same time you would if you were going to an office.... Exercise, meditate, get ready for the day as if you will be around your colleagues in person.

*Lesson- In the beginning you will LOVE working in your PJs but your productivity will decrease as will your mood.

2- Set up regular touch points with people.

*Lesson- it will feel isolating and lonely, I learned quickly that I needed to set up calls, video chats or "virtual" lunches to keep those relationships going.

3- Create an inspiring work space. My home office has existed in many different rooms & locations over the years. Some good, some really bad.(once used a hotel shower when we had a flood & had to stay in a hotel for a week:)

*Lesson- Find a way to create a space- large or small that feels peaceful and allows you to focus.

4- Schedule your day! Don't let email/LI:) suck your time away.

*Lesson- When you aren't running from meeting to meeting you will have more time. The extra time will feel amazing- but make sure you time block.

5- Raise your hand- You may feel fortgotten, you are not- however it is your responsibility to stay engaged. Ask to be part of teams and projects.  Do all you can to be virtually seen!

Super helpful Lisa Peterson!  I need to be better at time blocking, and making time for working out, and even lunches/breaks.. it's so easy to mix boundaries between work and personal when working from home. 
solid list here, thanks for the tips!
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