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You can't spell 'growth' without O&G.

The year is 2009, the economy is terrible and every corner you turn there is a hiring freeze. Remote work is not an option and you live in Podunk East Texas…where on Earth do you get started? For me, it was the Oil & Gas sector. 

Being a potential 4th generation O&G industry worker, I did everything I could to stay out. I was bartending, selling time shares, a leasing agent and driving limos in hopes someone would notice my hustle. 379 days after receiving my sheepskin and with multiple rejections for being underqualified in multiple industries, I gave in.  What is the worst that could happen; gain some experience and exposure to engineering and sales? Not so bad right?

Fast forward 10 years. I will be honest; I've had a great career! I smashed records, set new milestones, challenged industry norms, and attained the coveted trusted advisor role for so many of my clients. Despite all of this, it seems the ‘O&G label’ has a dark cloud surrounding it. Many of the questions I get are something like “Will you go back when things turnaround?”, “What is your salary expectation because I’m not sure we can match that industry” or “Would you be able to handle a more structured environment?”.   

I will not bore you with all the O&G futures outlooks, but I will assure all of you that there are many of my colleagues like myself who are looking to excel in another industry. I've worked with some dynamic leaders (Chad Hall ) and sales professionals that many would be fortunate to have.

There is an incredible amount of sales talent ready for a change and it is my hope that some of you will give us a chance.

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