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You know what I love?

People who force their opinions on you.

Because mine clearly sucks and needs someone else’s infinite wisdom.

Many people would say that this runs rampant in the sales world - I’d agree for sure.

Just yesterday I heard three different stories of it...

Reps acting as if they know better because “I’m the professional here.”

Reps telling the buyer “oh, no, you don’t want me!” After they just met them over the Internet 10 min ago.

Salespeople disagreeing with what the buyer is saying because they’ve literally heard the statement from their own perspective and don’t really care to see it any other way.

Or even understand where someone else is coming from.

Because they don’t care where you’re coming from.

My way or the highway mentality.

Zero empathy.

And the literal problem with the world.

Because opinions, preferences, expectations and assumptions are the backbone of so many.

It’s a shame.

It shows a massive lack of leadership, compassion, and love in our world today.

It’s a me society these days, the popular and easy choice that people subscribe to.

It’s a breath of fresh air these days to run into a human more concerned with your well-being than theirs.

The heart of a servant is badly needed.

#ChangeTheGame #B2B #Sales

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