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You know what we need to bring back?

The AIM Away Message.

People need to get away from their phone, email, slack, DMs etc

We are never “away” anymore, everything comes to our phones.

The away message was awesome for so many reasons

One - it let people know you were away!

Two - it actually meant you were away from the comp.

Three - you didn’t have to respond and tell people you were away, they got the auto message

Four - you got to flex a little creative muscle and have some fun.

Five - people would know your mood from your away message. Especially if you used song lyrics.

Six - you could let your boo know you were thinking about them even when you were away.

Seven - you could inspire people one away message at a time.

Set an away message this weekend.

Get away.

Don’t respond.

Unplug and be present.

KD AWAY MESSAGE: Genius isn’t born. It’s built.

PS: Haha I also now realize how many of you community members might not even know what AIM is!!

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