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Thinking about starting your own biz?

Side note - I feel great today. You should too. Great things are happening to us today.

Second side note:

As a Top One Percenter Bravado member, you will soon get access to full episodes These full episodes are being released soon. Here’s a clip from Amy Volas’ episode.

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You quit your job.

You started your own business so...

You are not getting paid every 2 weeks.

No more direct deposits.

How would that change your sales approach?

Would you stop cold calling at 3pm because “nobody is picking up today”?

Would you pad your stats and just set up a meeting with anyone knowing the meeting wont’t go anywhere?

Would you show up to a meeting unprepared?Selling the right is the only way when you’re selling for yourself.Last month on the Top One Percenter Show 🎙 Amy Volas shared her story about when she quit her high paying corporate sales job to start her first company.

No salary. No clients. No problem.

Until the Great Recession hit...So much good content from Amy and other full episodes.

Top One Percenter Show on again this Thursday at 6PM EST with Thomas Boccard

Paul Salamanca
VP Global Sales at SecurityScorecard Inc.
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